Seasonal recipes

Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish tastes best with it's in season and at its peak. Find the perfect recipe to fit.

  • Jersey Royal potato cakes

    A seasonal joy, Jersey Royal potatoes make an appearance in April. These easy potato cakes are super tasty with the addition of smoked cheese and spring onions. Serve with some crisp salad leaves.

  • Chicken and apple pie topped with Colcannon

    Colcannon is a lovely Irish potato, cabbage and spring onion dish, it’s used here as a topping for chicken which has been cooked with cider, apples and carrots. A meal in itself, however you could add a few sprouts or other greens if you wish. You can use apple juice instead of the cider try to make it a tart one otherwise the dish might be too sweet.

  • Beetroot and lentil burgers

    An easy vegetarian burger recipe, made with raw beetroot and puy lentils, spicy with a good kick of ginger and chilli.

  • Cauliflower swede and potato curry

    Use a potato that will keep its shape and not go to mush in the water. You can adapt by using other root vegetables such as turnip, squash, parsnip, sweet potato, etc

  • Carrot parsnips flapjack

    Lovely soft carrot, parsnip and coconut flapjacks… delicious

  • Kale butternut squash winter veg soup

    Roasted vegetables with broth and kale make up this hearty soup, it’s a winter staple for those chilly days.