How to videos

This section of our website is a collection of how to... videos which we will be posting monthly, these are not an absolute guide to planting for every crop or herb because everyone's timings, growing references and methods will be slightly different. Enjoy the videos and please leave a comment on our blog or forum. You can also check out our growing guides for more handy tips and advice.

  • How to grow carrots in a vegetable planter

    How to grow carrots in a vegetable planter

    Carrots are quite easy to grow but need deep fertile sandy soil. There are early and maincrop varieties and come in various shapes and colours ranging from small round varieties, short cylindrical (stump rooted) to the long-rooted types.
  • Easy ways to grow tomatoes

    Easy ways to grow tomatoes

    The tomato is one of the most popular crops for the home grower, a huge range of seeds are available allowing you to grow varieties that are not available in the shops it also allows you to grow your personal favourites. Tomatoes can be grown outdoors but generally do best in the greenhouse.
  • Growing salad leaves

    Growing salad leaves

    Salad leaves, grown as ‘cut and come again’ leaves can be directly sown in many different types of containers. Hearting lettuce are best started off in seed modules which will grow into easy to handle plug plants which can then be potted on and planted out.