Growing your own garlic is easy!

Garlic cloves should be planted in midwinter to ensure a good harvest the following summer. It's always best to buy bulbs from seed merchants that are certified virus-free and bred for growing in local conditions. In mild regions, the cloves can be planted out in prepared ground and covered with cloches or fleece. Or simply plant into seed trays, setting out the young plants in March.

Step 1

Break garlic bulbs into individual cloves ready for planting. Take care not to damage the cloves as this can lead to rotting, choose only the biggest cloves for planting as the very small ones will only lead to very small bulbs.

Step 2

In mild regions, plant the cloves in well-prepared soil spacing them 10cm apart. Use a length of timber, bamboo or a string line to keep rows straight when planting. Simply push the cloves into the soil so that the tip of each one is just below the surface. In frosty weather cover them with cloches.

Step 3

If in a cold area or if waiting for an area on the plot to before free, plant the cloves in individual cell inserts of multi-purpose compost. Water well and place trays in a cool greenhouse or cold frame to grow on. They will then be ready to plant out in March or April.

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