Grow your own champion courgettes

Courgette plants are one of the last crops to be sown under cover - in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. They only take about a week to germinate and the young seedlings soon developing their true leaves.

Step 1

Keeping the compost in the greenhouse or undercover will ensure it is already warm before starting seed sowing. Fill a pot with multipurpose compost, firm it well then press a couple of seeds on edge into each pot.

Step 2

Cover the seeds with more compost or use vermiculite, which is warm and free-draining and helps stop young seedlings from rotting during cool night temperatures.

Step 3

Soak with tepid water and place in a propagator or a tray covered with a clear lid, and keep at a temperature of 20°C. 

Step 4

Only plant them out when all risk of frost has passed, ensuring they are hardened off first – you will find they will grow very quickly.

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