Sowing Runner Beans

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sow it sue
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Sowing Runner Beans

Now here’s a question….do you plant your runner bean (or any bean) seeds the right way up….you just bung em in right? That’s fine because Mother Nature is brilliant and she sorts them out, however if you want to save her the bother, see that the little scar in the dip of the bean this is actually where the root comes from, so when you sow this ought to be planted facing down.  Who knew!

I’ve never really thought about it, but actually I plant mine sideways, it’s just the way I hold them, (so not so much tossing and turning for her to do!) I push them into a pot of compost about 2in down with my finger.

However you do it, if you are keen to harvest early crops, are gardening in the north or on heavy soils start sowing indoors from mid-April, a greenhouse or window sill will do, and plant out from late May.   You can sow directly into permanent positions once the soil has reached 12°C (54°F), which is usually by mid-May in the south, and a couple weeks later in the north any time up to the end July.   Sowing in July as well as in April/May prolongs the harvest; you’ll have beans until the first frosts.

They will need something to climb up; I prefer a bamboo wigwam affair.

How do you sow yours…let me know

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Sowing Runner Beans

Hi Sow it Sue. I remember at school putting them in jam jars with wet blotting paper and watching them grow, I'm sure the scar was at the side and they did a little curl round!

Anyway I have sown mine and they were just plonked in and they are coming up, so Mother Nature has been her clever self. This year I'm trying Scarlet Emperor, The Czar and Greek Gigantes. Also a couple of new (to me) climbing French, Cherokee The Trail of Tears and Lazy Housewife.

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