Planting Garlic

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Planting Garlic

I have read that you can plant garlic at this time of year. If so what are the best varieties and can I plant them in large containers?

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Planting Garlic

Babbling Bernard - Great name! I got mine in the ground late October but I think you can plant right through to Feb as long as the ground isn't frozen. Good idea with the container though, I've never grown them in pots, I'm sure it would work as long as it's large enough and you keep them watered and in full sun. I've grown Early Purple Wight, Provence Wight, and another one called Thermidrome, I also grow Elephant Garlic but they get really tall so I think you might need to support them if you put them in a tub. Interested to know how the container works out, I might use the idea to free up some allotment space.

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Planting Garlic

October and November are the usual months for planting garlic, allowing the bulbs to establish good roots before winter, but you can if the conditions under foot are OK plant right up until February.

Protect the softneck varieties with a cloche or horticultural fleece if necessary over the winter, hardneck types should be OK. However, if you are in the northern counties, planting into pots now and keeping them in a cold frame or sheltered spot until early spring might be best, when you can then plant out the seedlings into the ground or in large containers.

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