Clean those pots and trays

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Clean those pots and trays

In readiness for seed sowing, I’ve just spent several hours thoroughly cleaning all my pots and trays that have either been stored in the greenhouse or outside.  It’s a bit of a chore but necessary. Why?

Well would you want to be wrapped up in a dirty blanket!……really though, all that old compost may be harbouring all manner of nasties and the last thing you want after all your hard-earned money spent on fresh compost and seeds, never mind your time is for your new little babes to be munched or catch something nasty and keel over.

The real point I want to make though is when giving them that wash, pay attention to the undersides, all those lovely nooks and crannies….I found snails, woodlice, worms (though they ain’t bad!) but the first two are just lying in wait for you to feed them! Eyes peeled!