Carrots in containers

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Dave the Spade
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Carrots in containers

I have been growing my carrots in containers over the last couple of years as I have quite stony ground and the containers are tall enough to confuse the carrot root fly (so far!); however the problem I have is with ants in the containers, they up root the seedlings, anyone any ideas on how to keep them out!?

sow it sue
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Carrots in containers

Hi Dave, I grow my carrots in containers as well and sometimes have the same problem.  Ants apparently like it warm and dry and if the container is also covered, maybe with fleece, which is what I do to try to stop carrot fly it becomes quite cozy for them.  I find that you have to make sure the container is kept on the damp side, don't let it dry out.  You will never get rid of ants all together.  Just make it uncomfortable for them!  Hope it works for you.

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