Aubergines - Sow or Grafted

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Aubergines - Sow or Grafted

The past couple of years I have used grafted aubergines, which have been brilliant, but a nearly £4.00 for the the plant is expensive compared to a pack of seeds. Past sowing of seed has ended in a plant but no fruit...hence using the grafted ones. I am trying seed again this year and have in fact already sown them. Any one any tips for ensuring I get some fruit?!

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Aubergines - Sow or Grafted

Hi FloweryB, I agree the grafted plants can appear expensive but you are almost guaranteed fruit (if you look after them!). The trick with them from seed is to sow early, which obviously you have done.  Check out the January blog by Annabelle for some more tips. She suggests planting in a sunny spot outside, but it depends were you are in the country, I personally would use the greenhouse and keep up the fortnightly feeding as she suggests.  Good Luck

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