Cabbages throughout the year

Mon, 29/08/2016 - 16:14 -- jim

Cabbages come in three waves, spring, summer and winter!

Cabbages come in three waves, spring, summer and winter, with varieties described by their cutting period not their sowing times, giving you something to eat throughout the year.

Spring cabbages are sown in July and August for planting out in September and October and will be ready for harvest in April and May.

Summer cabbages are sown in late winter/early spring with February and March sowing under glass and April outside, these will be planted out from late April through June.  Harvesting will be from July through to October.

Winter cabbages are also sown in April and May, planted out in July but crop from November to February.

Cabbages need firm soil to prevent wind rock and thereby making a space for the dreaded cabbage root fly to lay its eggs, therefore before planting tread the soil down firmly. Using a trowel plant the cabbage plant deeply making sure you really firm it in.

Keeping the cabbage root fly away from the stems is important. Usually this is done by making a collar from carpet underlay, cardboard for instance or you can buy ready made collars. Cut a 15cm (6 inch) circle and cut a straight line to the centre. Place this around the stem when you have planted out ensuring it remains in place throughout the season.

You will also need to keep the pigeons and butterflies off the plants and covering with netting or micromesh is really to only way of this.