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  • How to grow rhubarb
    04 May 2017

    We inherited seven rhubarb crowns on our allotment last year so my kitchen was in rhubarb overdrive from April to July. We trialled many sweet and...

  • Growing Crops in Pots
    04 May 2017

    Crops in pots are a moveable feast, so they can be started off under cover and then brought out when the weather warms up. Herbs and salad leaves...

  • Sowing and growing salad leaves
    04 April 2017

    The range of available leaves increases every year and it can be hard to decide between mizuna and blood-veined sorrel. Should I grow variegated...

  • How to grow potatoes
    04 April 2017

    Chitting potatoes gives the potato tubers a running start so they can reach maturity quickly. As a tender crop from the Andes, potatoes are...